Voice.com’s Influential Creative Community Members Explain Its Unique Value

A new destination at the nexus of social media and content publishing platform—which verifies its creators

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Community is often a crucial part of creativity, and Voice aims to foster both. We’re all aware that many parts of social media are broken, with noisy content drowning out thoughtful creators. Voice is on a mission to fix this by creating a platform where creators can share meaningful work and engage authentically with an audience of real people. Voice’s proprietary tech ensures every user …

Interview: Radish Fiction Founder, Seung Yoon Lee

A new model for publishing and a destination for lovers of serialized stories

As many writers know, it’s not easy to make money in the literary world. Sure, most industries need scribes and there are many writing-centric fields, but for aspiring fiction writers, the industry appears much as it did 100 years ago. Publishing, even with our internet and e-reader advancements, hasn’t really changed that much. Remarkably, Radish is trying to change that, and they’re doing so by …