Voice.com’s Influential Creative Community Members Explain Its Unique Value

A new destination at the nexus of social media and content publishing platform—which verifies its creators

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Community is often a crucial part of creativity, and Voice aims to foster both. We’re all aware that many parts of social media are broken, with noisy content drowning out thoughtful creators. Voice is on a mission to fix this by creating a platform where creators can share meaningful work and engage authentically with an audience of real people.

Voice’s proprietary tech ensures every user is a verified human and can only create one account. Users earn Voice Tokens for creating thoughtful content, which they can then use to elevate other quality content. Altogether, it’s an incentivized new social media destination that rewards real users for sharing their work and engaging in dialogue. To understand this further, we spoke with creators who have joined Voice already.

“There is no accountability in social media,” Annette Richmond, a member of Voice’s Creator Incubator and creator of Fat Girls Traveling, tells us. “People don’t fact-check or vet for credible sources—which makes it seem like the truth is relative or opinion, and leaves us questioning who we can and should trust.” Voice is leading the charge toward a world where content curation is in the hands of real people, and disinformation can’t be spread warp-speed by bots and fake accounts.

These efforts are appreciated by community member and featured contributor Nick Pappas. “Social media has become faceless, and anonymity leads to a loss of humanity,” Pappas says. “With so many bots and trolls, you can never really know who is real and who isn’t.” While engaging with faceless accounts online has been normalized, it doesn’t reflect an authentic human experience. This is what Voice strives for.

Travel photographer and incubator member Laurence Norah homes in on his particular experience with real—and incentivized—audiences. “As a photographer, I like the idea of a platform that rewards creators for sharing great content, and which empowers users to curate that content rather than algorithms.” We’re all familiar with the frustration felt when algorithms sometimes bury work we dedicated so much time, energy and intellectual property toward.

“Artists spend a fair amount of time promoting their work and the corporation gets compensated, not the artist” explains longtime CH favorite, portrait photographer and incubator member Jill Greenberg. “It’s time to turn around the business model in favor of fairness to the content providers.”

In all the noise of the internet, finding a place as a creative within a hub of trusted, supportive voices feels refreshing and empowering. Voice is currently invite-only, but COOL HUNTING readers can get early access to social media 3.0. Sign up and secure your handle at Voice now.

Hero image and image of Jill Greenberg courtesy of Jill Greenberg, image of Laurence Norah courtesy of Laurence Norah, all other images courtesy of Voice