Limited Edition Dog T-Shirt

Represent pioneering riot grrrl band Bikini Kill with this limited edition T-shirt designed by Steve Dore. Available in black or white and in XS to 3XL, the garment features a pooch flipping its middle finger—an apt gesture when celebrating the girls-to-the-front punk rock of Bikini Kill.

CREEM #001

Iconic rock’n’roll magazine CREEM published its first issue in 1969 before going on to cover punk and then-nascent bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple until 1989, when the publication folded. Now, 33 years later CREEM is back with its renewed first issue which traces generations of artists and genres, from the making of The Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses” to new punk bands like Special Interest.

Listen Up

Jaunty pop, infectious indie, joyfully chaotic rap and more

Sobs: Air Guitar From Air Guitar, the second album by Singapore-based rock band Sobs, the delightfully infectious lead single and titular track is drenched in influences from ’90s power-pop and ’80s new wave. Within, the trio (Celine Autumn, Jared Lim and Raphael Ong) tells a bittersweet tale through a euphoric melody and dramatic pop chord progressions. Tanukichan: Make Believe Tanukichan—the music project from Bay Area …