The Steve Jacket

Created with the costume department of the Netflix series Stranger Things, the pearl blue Steve Jacket references an original Quiksilver surf jacket from 1986. Beloved character Steve Harrington wears the light cotton zip-up throughout season four of the series. It features a retro Quiksilver print on its front opening and collar, as well as elastic at the cuffs and waistband.

Quiksilver’s CO2-Powered Inflation Vest for Big-Wave Surfing: the Highline Airlift

Developed in collaboration with Peter Mel, Jamie Mitchell and dive company Aqua Lung

A safety vest unlike any other, Quiksilver’s Highline Airlift vest—developed in collaboration with Aqua Lung and big-wave surfers Peter Mel and Jamie Mitchell—represents years’ worth of research and development. Very much resembling a wetsuit top or rash guard, the FN’lite neoprene (Quiksilver’s proprietary material) vest carries slender carbon dioxide cartridges that, when inflated, pull the wearer back to the surface. It’s dynamic enough to fit …

Quiksilver’s Business Suit Wetsuit

Early morning, pre-work surf sessions are one of the best ways to start the day, but changing in and out of surf gear can mean an extra early wake-up time. Quiksilver’s Japanese division has teamed up with ad agency TBWAHAKUHODO to create the perfect solution: the True Wetsuit—a surf-ready wetsuit styled like a business suit that can go straight from board riding to board meetings. …