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Raveena: Rush

An upbeat pop-inflected R&B track inspired by ’80s Bollywood soundtracks, “Rush” by singer-songwriter Raveena comes accompanied by a colorful video directed by the songstress and Munachi Osegbu. Carried by Raveena’s pretty, featherweight …

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Raveena: TWEETY

Raveena’s whimsical and glittery love song “TWEETY” references sublime 2000s R&B. The track’s music video—which she co-directed with Chris Cadaver—is equally nostalgic, with plenty of candy-colored psychedelic scenes that hark back to …

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Raveena: Sweet Time

A wholesome, sparkling song about self-care and self-love, “Sweet Time” by NYC-based musician and singer Raveena is a luminous piece of soul/R&B. The accompanying video (which she also directed) sees Raveena sitting …