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Lyrics about staring at the sea, glittery love songs, a claymation music video and more new music

Sofia Kourtesis: La Perla Following her 2020 EP, Sarita Colonia, Berlin-based musician Sofia Kourtesis returns with the soaring “La Perla.” The song will appear on Fresia Magdalena (set for release in March) which will feature several field recordings Kourtesis made in her hometown of Lima, Peru. “La Perla,” she says, “is about staring at the sea. It’s the first thing I’ll do when I return to …

Raveena’s Valentine’s Day Playlist for COOL HUNTING

The LA-based singer-songwriter's multi-track love potion

“Aren’t all songs love songs?” asks Raveena (aka Raveena Aurora), as we correspond about her making a Valentine’s Day playlist for COOL HUNTING. “Isn’t all music an extension of the loving energy of the universe, or the absence or disconnection from it?” Her just-released single “Tweety” gloriously encapsulates that energy—specifically the feeling of being lovestruck—through silky falsetto, warbling synths and tinges of nostalgia. She wrote the …

Raveena: TWEETY

Raveena’s whimsical and glittery love song “TWEETY” references sublime 2000s R&B. The track’s music video—which she co-directed with Chris Cadaver—is equally nostalgic, with plenty of candy-colored psychedelic scenes that hark back to kids’ TV of yesteryear.