Raveena’s Valentine’s Day Playlist for COOL HUNTING

The LA-based singer-songwriter's multi-track love potion

“Aren’t all songs love songs?” asks Raveena (aka Raveena Aurora), as we correspond about her making a Valentine’s Day playlist for COOL HUNTING. “Isn’t all music an extension of the loving energy of the universe, or the absence or disconnection from it?”

Her just-released single “Tweety” gloriously encapsulates that energy—specifically the feeling of being lovestruck—through silky falsetto, warbling synths and tinges of nostalgia. She wrote the song with some of her closest friends, which “felt like I was in a really safe space to explore musical sides of myself I haven’t really shown yet in my music,” she says. “I was really inspired by the whimsicality and lightness of the early 2000s pop and R&B that I listened to as a kid and I wanted to make something that channeled that same energy.” Spending her childhood in both New York and Connecticut, Raveena recently relocated to LA (after spending several years back in Queens) where she continues to release her dreamy, love potion music.

With music by everybody from Brandy to Lata Mangeshkar and The Neighborhood on her Valentines’ Day playlist, she explains the best way to approach making one. “I think maybe having a setting or a person in mind is always lovely and making sure that the flow of music can transport you to the specific feeling you want to live in for however long you want to live in it,” she says. “I pray all of us get to experience true love in our lifetimes, but I think we can’t really achieve it ’til true love of self.”

Image by COUGHS