Shabop Shalom Slip Mat

Judaica Standard Time combines faith and design in functional and meaningful objects. The Shabop Shalom Slip Mat—made in collaboration with Devendra Banhart—is one such example. The mat uses a classic cork board as its base, accentuated with Banhart’s light-handed, brushstroke typeface that reads, “Shabop Shalom.”

The Stories Behind Iconic Record Covers

While art should (and does) speak for itself, there’s no denying the thrill of learning the fascinating stories behind it. Record covers are no different, and NME has surfaced some interesting behind-the-scenes info regarding iconic cover art. From the fact that Blondie’s Parallel Lines got the band’s manager fired (he chose the image despite the band’s protests) to the fact that pink and green lettering …

Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Record Covers

From the iconic to the obscure, the artist's full collection in one weighty hardcover

Charting the influence and legacy of Andy Warhol, it’s clear there’s no area of pop culture he didn’t dabble in or leave an indelible mark on. Music was a major area of exploration for the late artist, acting as a producer and art director for The Velvet Underground’s first (and arguable most famous) record The Velvet Underground & Nico. But that wasn’t the first time …