LSD’s Controversial Connection With Alcoholics Anonymous

In a fascinating long-read, Katie McBride at Inverse traces the controversial and little-known connection between LSD and Alcoholics Anonymous. When co-founder and hero of the abstinence-only program, Bill Wilson, dropped acid 66 years ago, he had two decades sober and AA was in full swing. This experience would “fundamentally transform his outlook on recovery, horrify AA leadership and disappoint hundreds of thousands who had credited …

Hypervolt 2 Pro

Professional-grade Hypervolt 2 Pro—Hyperice’s strongest percussion massage device—offers five variable speeds and automated speed adjustment through Bluetooth connection to their app, which also features guided routines from top athletes, for warm-up and recovery. Thanks to a brushless high-torque 90W motor and Hyperice’s patented pressure-sensor technology, this powerful device provides deep relief to stiff muscles quickly and effectively.

Whoop’s Wearable Fitness Tracker Promotes All-Around Wellbeing

The 3.0 iteration of the wrist-bound device substitutes for a personal trainer

Aside from a light-reflecting text logo, the Whoop 3.0 wristband (free with a membership that begins at $30 a month) is nearly indiscernible from a fabric sweatband. There’s no screen for real-time tracking, certainly no intruding vibrations or sensors and no surprising alerts. As such, this couldn’t replace an Apple Watch or everyday time-teller. That said, everything you do—working out, recovering, sleeping, walking to work, …