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A moving song in support of oppressed women, a sapphic folk single, a three-part reggae piece and more new music

SEVDALIZA: WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM زن زندگی آزادی Named for a commonly used slogan in the Kurdish independence movement, “WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM” by Iranian-Dutch artist SEVDALIZA is a sparse, moving piece that expresses her support for oppressed women all over the world—specifically in Iran. The Tehran-born, Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter says in a statement, “I stand proud as an Iranian woman and I am supporting the fight of …

SAULT: Angel

SAULT—the UK-based group led by producer Inflo—has shared their latest surprise release “Angel,” a three-part, reggae-inflected piece that (apparently) features Jamaican artist Chronixx and British singer-songwriter Jack Peñate. It begins with a catchy riff and bass-heavy section before shifting to a piano-led ballad, a spoken-word, and ultimately transforming into the soft, acoustic closer.

KiCk i LP

Just as the Barcelona-based producer and performer Arca embraces gender euphoria in her public life, the artist’s latest album, KiCk i, eliminates any notion of a binary by celebrating her vast multitudes. The avant-pop album, tinged with reggaetón rhythms and techno beats, paints a powerful, queer vision of the future—helped along by collaborators: Björk, Shygirl and SOPHIE. In a single LP featuring a gatefold jacket, …