Crean Mate Rust Eraser + Tool Cleaner

Made in Japan, Niwaki’s scouring block is ideal for cleaning rust, resin and grime from blades, particularly secateurs, shears and knives. This easy-to-use tool works with just a few drops of water, but can be better supported by Niwaki’s Camellia Oil, which helps keep blades sharper for longer. Simply add the water or oil to a blade and scrub with the Crean Mate as if …

Big Collina Basket

Crafted by Fish Design (architect Gaetano Pesce’s studio), the Big Collina Basket is a striking Italian-made bowl that stands out from all angles. Its almost-melting appearance is due to its flexible resin construction, yet it’s durable and made for plenty of use. Available in purple or blue, it’s an artful addition to any tabletop.

Floral Darth Vader Keyring

Tokyo-based brand Anrealage’s floral Darth Vader keyring gives the iconic villain a softer look, thanks to a smattering of tiny wildflowers. The resin accessory is a must-have for any Star Wars fan seeking something outside the ordinary. There’s also a white Storm Trooper version too.