Notte Jewelry’s Euphoric Blend of Childhood Memories and Contemporary Style

An ethos to spread joy guides this retro-inspired brand

Suffused with bright pastels, freshwater pearls, dolphin-shaped gems, fruity charms and more cheery details, Notte Jewelry is a celebration of life, the beach, childhood and anything that can induce a smile. Their collections of chunky and colorful Y2K-inspired rings, necklaces and earrings are nostalgic but not dated, from the past but not passé. This is owed to founder Jessia Tse recreating sensations from memories of …

Minimalist Glass Ring

Made to order, each of these minimalist rings comprise a glass band upon which a transparent orb sits. Available in green, mustard, orange or yellow, this accessory is an elegant yet colorful everyday addition that enchants on its own or, for even more brightness, can be stacked with others.

20×20 Diamond Signet Ring

Part of Zoë Chicco and Catt Sadler’s 20×20 collaboration, this oval signet features a white diamond within an engraved symbol that represents living in the present moment. Available in 14K yellow, rose or white gold, it’s made to order in size three to nine. Additionally, 100% of the proceeds are donated to The Loveland Foundation, an organization providing therapy, resources and healing opportunities to communities of …