Michael Cosentino photographs New York for all the world to see on his web site, Meccapixel . He has an incredible eye which is currently being applied to the documentation of how angry, yet unified New Yorkers are about the RNC. view his gallery from the August 27th Critical Mass ride view his gallery from August 29th United for Peace and Justice Protest

RNC Redux

If you're not going to protest the RNC, at least get the truth from the streets: Each night of the RNC, Screensavers, in association with the Thing, will present the RNC Redux Open Doc Tour, a real time performance created by pulling a broad selection of the day's blog text, photos, audio, and video to mix it into a narrative of the day's events. Trust …

War Hurts the Grass

29 August, 3pm Great Lawn, Central Park, NYC Bring nothing but a black umbrella, help protest the RNC, take control of your future.