Codeck is a platform for anonymously sharing and discussing video based content. On the tech side, it's a Linux box squeezed in a late 70s, Sears issue Betamax– like a retro Tivo. The unit is hooked up to a TV for playback and has an integrated camera for recording video on the spot. For the next 2 weeks, Codeck will be dedicated to exposing and sharing the people's truth about the Republican National Convention.

Around the world, video cameras have become weapons against the atrocities of aggressive regimes, and at the same time serve as powerful tools for spin doctors of all predispositions. The Republican National Convention is headed into town, and the media's spin doctoring is already taking us all for a whirl! Rather than be just be dragged along for the ride, we invite you to use a video camera to voice your own spin on the global and local situation.

You can submit and respond to Codeck on-line, or in person at— in the East Village of NYC.