Casterino Road Bike

Bassi Bikes’ Casterino Road is a performance-driven bicycle that’s built upon traditional design but boasts modern components. Super-lightweight, the frame is Bassi Casterino and features an 11-speed Shimano Ultegra gruppo and Mavic Ksyrium wheels. Available in four sizes, this sleek-looking road bike blends the best from various well-respected brands to the benefit of comfort and performance. Price is in CAD.

Genesis Bikes’ Carbon Zero

The UK-based manufacturer known for sturdy steel frames introduces its first carbon fiber line

If there’s one thing UK-based Genesis Bikes knows, it’s humility. The brand makes no mistakes about its place in the bike industry. They describe themselves as not the biggest, not the oldest, not the most technically advanced, but always striving to make honest bikes that perform and look good—fresh out of the showroom and for years to come. This is, in part, why the brand …