Blue Bottle, Bushwick

A study in quality control at the Bay Area coffee roaster's new Brooklyn facility

With 35 locations across California, New York and Tokyo, and with nine more hitting the East Coast this year, some coffee fanatics might wonder if Oakland, CA-based Blue Bottle isn’t becoming Starbucks for the hipster generation. As we learned on a recent visit to their new cafe and roasting facility in Bushwick, Brooklyn, scaling up doesn’t mean Blue Bottle’s standards have gone mainstream. In fact, …

Joey Roth + Blue Bottle Coffee Moka Pot

Reimagining Italy's 81-year-old design for contemporary coffee nerds

As many of us have, Blue Bottle founder James Freeman discovered designer (and CH favorite) Joey Roth through his incredibly attractive Ceramic Speakers, which have long been a staple at Blue Bottle’s Brooklyn and Rockefeller Center locations. As the story goes, Freeman looked up Roth’s portfolio online, stumbling across his years-old moka pot concept. “It was an impractical but interesting looking piece,” explains Roth. Apparently …

Joshua Tree Coffee

A desert may seem an odd place to find high-end, small-batch coffee beans, but Joshua Tree native Royce Robertson is making just that. Fresh, Fair Trade beans are stored in custom-built, climate-controlled containers, then hand-roasted and immediately packed into resealable bags. The upshot is a delicious brew from a surprising source at an accessible price.