“Aiir” Vinyl

The eighth album from SAULT—a collective led by Inflo (aka Dean Josiah Cover)—Aiir features the rich, layered and poetic music the prolific band is known for. Replete with beautiful orchestral soundscapes, the five-track album includes the shape-shifting song “God’s Will” and the lyrical “5AM,” making for a transcendent and shimmering listen.

SAULT: Angel

SAULT—the UK-based group led by producer Inflo—has shared their latest surprise release “Angel,” a three-part, reggae-inflected piece that (apparently) features Jamaican artist Chronixx and British singer-songwriter Jack Peñate. It begins with a catchy riff and bass-heavy section before shifting to a piano-led ballad, a spoken-word, and ultimately transforming into the soft, acoustic closer.

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SAULT: Time is Precious Expectedly unexpected, SAULT’s latest album AIR appeared seemingly out of nowhere a few days ago. The enigmatic UK-based collective—led by Inflo (aka Dean Josiah Cover)—has made a habit of sharing gorgeous new music without any pre-release marketing or teasers. The neo-soul-leaning outfit has ventured into different territory with their sixth album, which features soaring orchestral music, non-lyrical choral vocals and some …