Piece Scarf

Crocheted in India from organic cotton, these oversized scarves integrate subtle and clever graphics in an otherwise traditional pattern. They’re designed by Story Mfg, a small family business that’s opposed to waste, and dedicated to art, craft and the love of animals.

Stardust and Honey Silk Scarf

Honey Dijon’s partnership with Etsy, for an installment of the Creator Collaborations series, manifests as a gorgeous collection of apparel, accessories, home decor, art and more from 10 makers on the platform. Each piece has been selected by the artist who chose products that connected with her love and appreciation for queer culture of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Our pick is the Stardust and …

The “Magician” Satin Scarf

Oakland-based artist Yétundé Olagbaju has printed some of her glorious work onto square 35-inch satin scarves that can be worn or hung on a wall. Her “Magician” scarf features symbolism for the four elements, but in Olagbaju’s distinct, beautiful style—as a swan, a Yoruba bust, a fan and a vase. The black and white piece also has vines, candles, stars and shells printed on it.