GG’s Garden Dinner Kit

A CSA-style box from the NYC pizzeria brings the square pies home

GG’s, a sister business with Nicholas Morgenstern’s other NYC joints Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream and El Rey coffee beer, is the relatively young East Village hangout gaining repeat customers hunkering after their dense, square grandma-style pies (they also have it printed on a beach towel for those who just can’t get enough). This summer, chef-owner Bobby Hellen is offering a Garden Dinner Kit (think your …

Everyday Cookbook

Former food magazine editors Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton fill their award-winning cookbooks with simple and gorgeous recipes suitable for home chefs. In this particular edition, recipes are organized by month, so you can enjoy making seasonal recipes all year long.

The Preservation Kitchen

Paul Virant goes through a year of pickles, preserves and aigre-doux

From Paul Virant, chef-owner of the Chicago area’s Vie and Perennial Virant, comes a collection of recipes and techniques geared towards foods with a long shelf life. “The Preservation Kitchen” traces the Michelin-starred chef’s mission to dish out local and seasonal meals, offering instructions on proper canning techniques, full meal recipes and seasonal advice for pickled vegetables and fruit jams. The vibrantly photographed kitchen companion …