The Burger Sampler

OCCO’s new Burger Sampler includes seasoning for four different types of burger: Lebanese kafta, garlic herb butter, spicy Sichuan and au poivre. All chefs have to do is select their protein, add the zesty spices and cook. Each blend is packed in an airtight pod that stays fresh for over six months, and the sampler is packaged in a card-deck style that’s ideal for gifting …

Cacao Holic Salt

A blend of chocolate, cocoa nibs from Costa Rica, Himalayan salt and black pepper, Xocol’s Cacao Holic Salt accents dishes with a savory/sweet twist. Made in Kagoshima, Japan, the seasoning isn’t delicate; all of the components unite to amp of the flavor profile of whatever they’re added to.

Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts

From mango-java rubs to volcanic salts, add some island vibes to your next cookout

With its long history of rich cuisine and global mix of cultures, partnered with a natural bounty of produce and seafood, it’s no surprise that Hawaii is home to some of the most spectacular cuisine this side of the Pacific. From ancient Hawaiian earth ovens to the infamous enthusiasm for Spam, the small chain of islands has a unique culinary scene that is continually changing. …