Baker’s Bark Craft Beer Spice Rub

Step up your barbecue game with this warm, complex seasoning


With grilling season just around the corner, there’s no better time to step up your barbecue game with a bit of spice. The crew at Georgia-based Baker’s Bark brought in a favorite grilling companion to add a unique maltiness to their smoky spice rub: craft beer. Rounded out with a healthy dose of chiles and paprika, the secret Baker’s Bark formula gives everything from steak to fish to soups an alluring spiciness that lingers on the palate. Entirely made in the USA with all-natural ingredients, Baker’s Bark is an excellent choice for beer-loving barbecue buffs looking to switch things up at the grill this summer.

A two-ounce tin of Baker’s Bark costs $7 and is available online, where the brand also offers recipe ideas.

Photos by Hans Aschim