Mirrored Fuji Smile Selvedge Bandana

Kapital’s selvedge, smiley-adorned bandana is made in Japan from 100% cotton. Inspired by Americana designs from the ’70s, the FASTCOLOR bandana incorporates traditional Japanese design and employs a fabric that’s soft from the very first use. It’s a cheerful take on an undeniable classic.

Mr Black Denim Wash

Though we would suggest you never wash raw denim jeans, there often comes a time when the choice is made for you (like when they start to stink). Mr. Black Denim Wash uses a special enzyme-free, plant-derived formula to rinse away dirt while maintaining the denim’s integrity.

Temple Scarf

Stay warm with this stylish scarf, which features a design inspired by Sol Le Witt’s wall drawings and the pillars of the Ganesh Temple in Jaipur. Using non-toxic dyes and hand-carved wooden blocks, Block Shop handprints its designs onto each textile it produces at both its LA and Bagru, India locations. Block Shop also invests 5% of its proceeds to help provide health care access …