Edwin Denim & Blitz Motorcycles

The Japanese selvedge purveyor teams with the Parisian motorcycle collective

Edwin-Blitz-jean-2.jpg Edwin-Blitz-jean-1.jpg

Despite its Japanese core and status as one of the oldest denim labels, Edwin has been a relatively slow burner in the raw denim, heritage area of the market. Even while sporting one of the most visually arresting selvedge lines—the rainbow selvedge—the brand as a whole has felt like it lacked a bit of the spice of, say, a Flathead or Ironheart. Recently, however, the label, established in 1947 by Mr Tsunemi—its name an anagram of denim, with the “m” flipped to become the “w”—has upped the stakes with more traditional cuts, untarnished denim and a slew of recent collaborations which have received great plaudits from many.

Its “Sen Selvedge” line now lurks on the shelves of many of the more premium denim retailers, especially in Europe. To further brand relevance and tap into the popular motorcycle market Edwin has embarked on an interesting collaboration for spring, colliding creatively with Parisian motorcycle collective Blitz Motorcycles.

Edwin-Blitz-denim-shirt-8.jpg Edwin-Blitz-sweater-9.jpg

As a result the collaboration introduces new cuts and garments, as well as product and film work tied to the love of the motorcycle, its independent lifestyle and the individuals involved in it. Utilizing denim spun specifically for the project, Blitz’s founders Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel have worked with Edwin to develop a core set of garments as a direct translation of their daily lives.

Edwin-Blitz-denim-jacket-6.jpg Edwin-Blitz-denim-jacket-7.jpg

Pocket bags are dyed black to avoid staining from grubby hands and military herringbone fabric is used to reinforce areas of stress. The collaborative line includes some heavy-duty sweats, a number of T-shirts, a tough workshirt, the roomy-cut ED47 jean—with thoughtful rear pocket placement to avoid wear and tear when on the bike—and two great looking jackets, both with cordoroy collars.

Edwin-Blitz-Tshirt-4.jpg Edwin-Blitz-hoodie-5.jpg

It’s a strong capsule collection for the denim head and workwear purist. Unfettered by trends, the Blitz collection encapsulates exactly what Edwin does best, and should have been doing all along—producing great denim. Keep an eye out for the Blitz + Edwin collection this spring in stores across Europe, in the meantime visit their respective site for more information on what makes them tick.