Sevdaliza: High Alone

Experimental artist Sevdaliza releases “High Alone” today, a moody lament that captivates with beautiful darkness. The synth-driven song incorporates elements of psych-rock—a genre the Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter hasn’t ventured into before. Sevdaliza’s vocals feel especially dejected, with an almost monotone, impassive delivery that conveys a lot of emotion. The track will appear on her new EP titled Raving Dahlia which is set for release on 25 February.

Sevdaliza: The Great Hope Design

Iranian Dutch singer-songwriter Sevdaliza announced her upcoming Raving Dahlia EP (out 25 February) with “The Great Hope Design,” an ominous and bewitching track she wrote and produced with Mucky (aka Reynard Bargmann). The song comes along with the reveal of Sevdaliza’s robot—a Femmenoid named Dahlia which was created “to convey the harsh truth about navigating in the music industry as a woman who does not …

Sevdaliza: Habibi

With tinkling piano and delicate, digitized vocals, Sevdaliza’s stunning “Habibi” comes accompanied by a cinematic video by the artist (born Sevda Alizadeh) and Russian filmmaker Anastasia Konovalova. The dark and brooding song appears on Shabrang, the Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter’s second full-length album—which she has described as a “journey of self-discovery, self-love and finding peace amongst all of the chaos in the world.”