What your life has been missing is a glittery wool sheep. Eleven Design Studio’s Twoolies are designed by architect Sindy Posso and made by hand by a group of Tzotzil Mayan weavers based in southern Mexico. No two are alike, and each one is just as adorable as the next.

Aromatherapy Sheep Soaps

Nuna Knits’ Peggie Ehlers doesn’t just peddle high quality yarns—she’s at the helm of every step from breeding the sheep to spinning the fibers for a “farm to fashion” approach. While her spools would turn any pattern into a beautiful wooly ensemble, the sheep soaps are just as wonderful. Created on the North Fork of Long Island, each hypo-allergenic bar is covered in wool for …

Bellwether Sheep Milk Yogurt

A creamy yogurt artisanally made from sheep's milk in Northern California

Crafted on a small family-run farm in Sonoma County, CA, Bellwether Farms’ creamy sheep milk yogurt makes a tasty and healthy substitute for both standard cow milk varieties and other alternatives. Since the protein in sheep milk more closely matches human breast milk, it’s easier on digestion than cow or even goat milk yogurt. Bellwether Farms raises their East Friesian sheep (a prolific and lean …