The Brewing Cloud

By Kenny Gould, The Brewing Cloud deviates from the beer writer’s typical reportage (which he does for the magazine he founded, Hop Culture) in favor of fiction. Using an imaginary “floating city where everyone is involved in some aspect of the beer industry” as the foundation for stories like “The Rat Problem” and “Vampire Brewing,” Gould spins tales of love, luck and more. Gould’s pieces …

Sing To It: New Stories

Amy Hempel’s fifth collection of short fiction, Sing To It: New Stories, is the first in a decade from the beloved writer. Made up of vignettes, the book includes 15 stories that tackle themes including loneliness, truth and guilt. As ever, Hempel’s prose is somewhat minimal but concurrently undeniably rich.

Grand Union: Stories

Grand Union: Stories is prolific author Zadie Smith’s first collection of short stories. The respected and beloved author features her horror tales alongside historical fiction, reflective pieces on modernity, dystopian tales and more. While diverse in subject and genre, Smith’s writing is consistently rich, thoughtful and measured. There are 19 stories within, 11 of which are new and exclusive to this release.