Behind the World’s Most Iconic Brand Slogans

Oftentimes the most memorable companies are the ones with the simplest slogans, but there’s an art to such simplicity, and many businesses must battle it out with advertising departments before ever uttering a finalized catchphrase. From Apple’s “Think Different” to Las Vegas’ “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and even Milk’s “Got Milk?” (which was at first deemed too clunky and grammatically incorrect to …

Jewnion Label

Jewish culture meets trade union emblems for a line that has us kvelling

The brainchild of husband-and-wife team Joshua and Stacey Abarbanel, Jewnion Label is a witty take on vintage union label design coupled with a love of Jewish culture. Joshua (a fine artist who honed his handyman skills as a teen doing apartment maintenance) was laughing with his wife over the notion of Jewish handymen—a group so uncommon they decided it needed its own union. The duo …

Spam Shirt

Spam Shirt is a site dedicated to making your own custom spamified t-shirts. You pick the colors and the phrase or enter your own, and $25 later you have your very own VãLIUM AND X.ANAX SUPERSAVINGS spam shirt.