NYC’s the Real Mother Shuckers Honors the Legacy of Black Oystermen

Moody (aka 37-year-old Ben Harney Jr) founded Brooklyn’s only oyster cart, the Real Mother Shuckers, in 2019 as a way to return oysters to their former ubiquity. Although most people associate the shellfish with upscale dining, oysters used to be widespread in New York during the 1800s, from street stalls selling oyster snacks to raw bars in the basements of buildings. Many of these oyster …

Interview: Chef Spike Mendelsohn, Founder of PLNT Burger and Eat the Change

Following the path of a plant-based food pioneer

Chef Spike Mendelsohn cares about the future of food. In the past few years, the restaurateur, celebrity chef and food policy advocate founded two brands that have the potential to change the way people eat and think about eating: PLNT Burger and Eat the Change. The former—a vegan fast food chain with 11 locations (10 of which are inside of Whole Foods stores)—has become a cherished destination …

The Personal Popper

Crafted from premium, LFGB-certified silicone, W&P’s Personal Popper prepares four cups of popcorn in four minutes or under. Kernels can be measured in the lid’s cup and then microwaved in the bowl that doubles as a serving container. When done, the popper (available in red and black) collapses for easy storage.