Lavender Water 12-Pack

Osun’s sugar- and gluten-free beverages can be sipped alone or added to spirits as a mixer. Beginning with spring water that’s been filtered through positively charged crystals, each drink is then infused and lightly carbonated. Various flavors are available, but the lavender promises to help relieve anxiety and stress as well reduce inflammation. Price is in AUD for a pack of 12 bottles.

Low-Sugar Soda Variety Pack

United Sodas of America’s color-coded variety pack features 12 flavors in matching hues. From Extra Peachy to Cherry Pop, Sour Blueberry and Toasted Coconut, every iteration is naturally flavored using proprietary recipes that are low in sugar and calories. Designed by Alex Center of CENTER DESIGN (who have handled branding projects for Kin, Vitamin Water and New Balance), the rainbow-forming pack also looks super-appealing.

Hella Cocktail Co. Launches Bitters and Soda

Crisp, bubbly and zesty flavors with or without the addition of alcohol

Hoping to appeal to teetotalers and drinkers equally, Hella Cocktail Co. launched Bitters and Soda, a canned cocktail flavor made with gentian tincture and zero alcohol. Whether sipped directly from the can or mixed with a spirit, they are bubbly and zesty drinks. The “Spritz” iteration is fruited and slightly bitter, reminiscent of a Negroni or Old Fashioned, but it boasts plenty of effervescence—unlike either …