Hella Cocktail Co. Launches Bitters and Soda

Crisp, bubbly and zesty flavors with or without the addition of alcohol

Hoping to appeal to teetotalers and drinkers equally, Hella Cocktail Co. launched Bitters and Soda, a canned cocktail flavor made with gentian tincture and zero alcohol. Whether sipped directly from the can or mixed with a spirit, they are bubbly and zesty drinks.

The “Spritz” iteration is fruited and slightly bitter, reminiscent of a Negroni or Old Fashioned, but it boasts plenty of effervescence—unlike either of those cocktails. It’s crisp, flavorful and certainly enjoyable sans spirits. The “Aromatic” one is certainly fizzier—when poured, a sizable, carbonated head appears and dissipates slowly. It’s drier and more palate-coating, but carries a lighter mouthfeel. It’s enjoyable on its own, but this flavor benefits more from the addition of liquor.

The former contains 14g of sugar and 70 calories, whereas the latter boasts zero grams of sugar and only five calories. It’s evident in a side-by-side comparison but in a cocktail, it’s beneficial beginning with less sugar—as you can always add more. Nonetheless, the sodas are a welcome addition to a centuries-old industry.

Hella Cocktail Co.’s Bitters and Sodas are available for pre-order now, along with their other offerings—from syrups to mixers and DIY kits.

Images by Evan Malachosky