Kaiit: Miss Shiney

Melbourne, Australia-based Kaiit blends R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul and funk for the delightful “Miss Shiney.” The track’s lyrics detail a few of her flaws: overthinking, being her biggest critic, pointless stressing. But the pressure, she assures, produces diamonds—hence the song’s title. Altogether, it’s a smooth and cruise-y tune, anchored by Kaiit’s gleaming aura and jazzy, soulful vocals.

Baby Rose: Sold Out

Baby Rose’s rich vocals rise with emotion from the complex but supportive arrangements in “Sold Out.” Vocals aside, the track is hazy—raw, emotional and soulful, bound by R&B and soul influences. There are moments of sunny bliss, even when the lyrics detail bitter heartbreak and moving on.

Melodiesinfonie: Tropicololo

Incorporating various live instruments (flute, congas and more), Swiss producer Melodiesinfonie’s (aka Kevin Gabriel Wettstein) label debut, “Tropicololo,” is light and charismatic. There are obvious disco and world music influences, but he pulls from many other genres—from hip-hop to soul and electronic. Wettstein crafts infectious rhythms and impressive sets, which he’s toured and supplied to Soulection shows.