21 Seasonal Coffee

From perhaps the most transparent coffee purveyor on market, Coffee Manufactory, comes a seasonal release: 100% Peru Roger Chilcon Flores. Full bodied and packed with rich notes of plum, blackberry, clove and dark chocolate, these beans will consistently deliver a delicious cup—and you can trace them back to the very farm from which they were sourced.

Fossa Chocolate’s Handmade Bars

A collection including everything from luxe and dark to sea-inspired

Handcrafted in Mandai, Singapore, Fossa Chocolate blends the traditional processes of chocolate-making with inventive culinary insight to make bars unlike others—both in appearance and on the palate. Whether it’s a collection of excellent dark options or bars inspired by the sea, they balance the richness and nuances of the cacao with flavors they feel are complementary. With the cacao they source—they sort, roast, crack, winnow, …

Sourcing Vintage Textiles with Hickoree’s

We join the Brooklyn retailer at Sri, their supplier for ancient Japanese threads

Japanese textiles, and denim in particular, have been a long-standing obsession of mine—long-standing, but somewhat uneducated. With the goal of schooling myself on these beautiful and ancient materials, I recently joined Emil Corsillo and Mitch Frank of Hickoree’s on a buying trip. The destination was Sri, a private gallery owned by collector and dealer Stephen Szczepanek. Inside, we discovered overwhelming piles of indigo dating back …