Levitating Lavender Candle

Brooklyn-based shop Species By the Thousands offers everything from original illustrated greeting cards to alchemy-inspired jewelry—not to mention a collection of scented soy wax candles. The unique labels for each of their different candles make it hard to choose just one but Levitating Lavender, with hints of rosemary, is a particularly excellent pick for illuminating the bedroom after hours.

Sweet Grapefruit Soy Candle

Pommes Frites candles don’t need fancy packaging or foreign-sounding names. “Sweet Grapefruit” speaks for itself with warn citrus and fruit notes (think peach and mangosteen) and is one of the DTLA-based candlemakers’ strongest scents—making it a perfect pre-dinner party room filler.

Chai Now

Tipu's latest micro-ground mix

Generally skeptical of the western appropriation of Indian traditions, we do find the occasional diamond in the rough. The self-billed “chai snobs” at Tipu’s recently introduced Chai Now, a fully loaded chai latte that stacks up nicely to their already stellar selection. Building off of their successful Microground Instant Black Chai, Chai Now adds non-GMO soy powder and evaporated cane juice to the instant mix. …