Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes

Tasty vegan hamburger and sausage mixes, perfect for grilling, camping, and more

HV_BurgerMixXL.jpg HV_SausageMixXL.jpg

Geared toward everyone from full-on vegans to the emerging market of flexitarians—carnivores that have cut down on meat for health and sustainability reasons—Harmony Valley makes a truly tasty hamburger or sausage replacement a snap. Simply add water to one of the Colorado-based brand’s mixes, refrigerate for 15 minutes, and cook it up for a deliciously veggie-friendly take on burgers, tacos, breakfast burritos and more. The secret is in the seasoning, which comes thanks to Harmony Valley’s parent company Custom Blending, which specializes in quality spices.

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Perfect for cookouts, camping and more, the mixes currently sell online for $4 a bag, but will be available at Whole Foods stores around the U.S. by the end of 2010.