Natalia Lafourcade: La Malquerida

Dedicated to “all our sisters,” Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade’s acoustic rendition of “La Malquerida” spotlights the love and pain women feel. Its title roughly translates to “the badly loved,” but its mission is empowerment. Lafourcade sings alone, at first, strumming a guitar next to a fire, but a choir of young women chime in when the track reaches its chorus. Together, they create an emotionally …

Listen Up

Spanish-language funk, jazz with Nigerian rhythms, hypnotic nu-disco and more new music this week

Jessie Ware: Spotlight Lush, hypnotic, dramatic, and drenched in disco, Jessie Ware’s “Spotlight” is everything one could ask for in a club-ready tune. From her upcoming fourth LP What’s Your Pleasure? (the follow up to 2017’s Glasshouse), the song was co-written with Danny Parker, Shungudzo Kuyimba and Arctic Monkeys producer James Ford and seems to confirm the English singer/songwriter’s position as a nu-disco diva. The …

Buscabulla: NTE

A single from Buscabulla’s forthcoming debut album Regresa, “NTE” serves as an ideal introduction to the duo’s Spanish-language funk songs and acts as a summation of their style as a whole. A groovy bass line moves along, matching the tempo of the percussion as well as Raquel Berrios’ vocals. The duo will embark on a tour beginning in Paris, France on 5 June.