Mini Basketball

Measuring seven inches, this mini Spalding NBA Basketball is the perfect size for younger ball players to refine their skills. The rubber cover offers plenty of grip and is durable enough for outdoor play. Available in eye-catching orange and red or orange and blue, these mini basketballs also come in team iterations.

Smiley Face Basketball

Chinatown Market—as part of their official collaboration with the Smiley brand—has released a bright yellow, grinning basketball. Built for the rigors of actual use, the ball has the structural integrity, dimensions, tack and wide recognition channels of a regulation ball. Indoor courts are recommended for use though—primarily because the scuffs from outdoor courts will show up more on the yellow exterior.

EVO ONE Basketball by Shooters Revolution

A "smart basketball" with embedded micro-sensor provides real-time feedback for shot-coaching

The integration of sports and technology continues to keep up with the ubiquity of tech marvels in other areas of life. From wearable wellness trackers like the Fitbit Flex to the groundbreaking performance monitoring Nike+ system, technological integration allows the ability to take training and fitness to a whole new level—now you can even improve your jump shot with the EVO ONE basketball. The EVO …