EVO ONE Basketball by Shooters Revolution

A "smart basketball" with embedded micro-sensor provides real-time feedback for shot-coaching


The integration of sports and technology continues to keep up with the ubiquity of tech marvels in other areas of life. From wearable wellness trackers like the Fitbit Flex to the groundbreaking performance monitoring Nike+ system, technological integration allows the ability to take training and fitness to a whole new level—now you can even improve your jump shot with the EVO ONE basketball.

The EVO ONE is a “smart basketball” equipped with an angular velocity gyro sensor to measure the trajectory, balance and backspin rate of your shots. Rather than linking the equipment to smartphone or wireless device, Shooters Revolution—the crew made up of former college players behind the smart ball—sought to fully integrate the feedback into the ball to keep it simple and accessible. When a shooter uses good form, the ball recognizes it and emits a sound on its way to the hoop, providing instant shot-coaching.

evo-one-by-shooters-revolution-2a.jpg evo-one-by-shooters-revolution-2b.jpg

“The EVO ONE is designed to help players create consistency in their shot and to build muscle memory around optimal shooting mechanics,” says Shooters Revolution co-founder Ryan Holmes. The developers utilized both physics and sports science research to optimize EVO ONE’s ability to help players sink more three-pointers, inputting optimal backspin and angular axis rate data. According to Shooters Revolution, immediate audible feedback is a standard training tool in basketball used by top coaches and trainers the world over. When you’re finished practicing and ready to put your skills to the test with some one-on-one, simply pop out the micro-sensor and the EVO ONE works as a standard ball. With or without the sensor, EVO ONE meets size and weight regulations.

The EVO ONE is currently available on Kickstarter from $59.

Images courtesy of Shooters Revolution