Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An open call for protest posters, the future of digital therapy, awesome animation, and more from around the web

Printed Matter’s Call for Printable Protest Works Beloved NYC organization Printed Matter has announced an “open call for free pdfs of anti-racist posters, pamphlets, signs, flyers, organizing material, handouts and zines that provide information about the ongoing fight for racial equality and the movement to protect Black lives.” While plenty of artists have debuted posters and prints available for download from various hosting platforms, Printed …

48,000-Year-Old Discovery in Sri Lanka Could Change History

Uncovered in and near Sri Lanka’s rainforest cave Fa-Hien Lena, hundreds of arrowheads crafted from animal bones are believed to date back 48,000 years—possibly making them the oldest evidence of bow-and-arrow hunting outside Africa. The earliest instances exist in South Africa (64,000 years ago) and the next oldest was believed to date back 32,000 years in Southeast Asia. Being made from bone means the arrowheads …

Rubber Ankle Boot

Founded by two former UN Refugee agents, Alice + Whittles takes unprecedented action toward ensuring their products are sustainably and ethically made. Their new line of rubber boots combines the functional minimalism of Swiss design with rubber that comes from an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, economically viable, sustainably managed forest. Try to find a current pair of shoes in your closet that can match that.