Shape Stamps

Designer and illustrator Rilla Alexander’s heartwarming forms and bold colors spur imagination in children and adults alike. Her stamp kit, a collection of geometric beech wood stamps with colorful ink pads, offers a glimpse behind her process and it invites others to build their own characters, landscapes and objects. Much like the designer’s work, the kit sparks creativity.

Big Bend Priority Mail Postal Stamps

There’s nothing quite as special as a hand-written note sent through snail mail and, with the USPS currently under threat, there’s no better time to buy stamps. There are 78 designs to choose from online, and our pick—priority mail postal stamps—features an illustration of Big Bend’s Rio Grande by Dan Cosgrove. These four stamps, each valued at $7.75, allow for more than the passing along …

“Fuck Everything” Stamp

Measuring 12mm by 90mm, this rubber stamp can be gleefully pounded on every document that appears on your desk on a Monday. Reading (in all-caps, of course) “Fuck Everything,” this office essential is made by Le Tampographe might prove quite useful. Price is in Euros.