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Beatie Wolfe and Money Mark’s California Flora, Fauna and Funga Stamp-Sheet

A limited edition collaboration in support of abalone conservation

Courtesy of Mario de Lopez

Visionary artist Beatie Wolfe and acclaimed producer and musician Money Mark (best known for his collaboration with the Beastie Boys) have partnered on a limited edition A-Z of California Flora, Fauna and Funga stamp-sheet and poster. All 26 letters of the alphabet correspond to an image of wildlife native to the Golden State, from abalone, black bear and chanterelle to the xantus hummingbird, yucca and Zauschneria wildflower.

Courtesy of Mario de Lopez

“I have been working on a documentary—Trees and Seas—where my guitar, and its materials (e.g. wood, abalone) are a lens to highlight local environmental conservation initiatives hidden in plain sight,” Wolfe explains to COOL HUNTING. “I was sharing this with Mark, and mentioning how many species exist in our local environment that we are unaware of until they are threatened with extinction,” she continues, “and he talked about growing up in California with textbooks, e.g. A-Zs, that didn’t reflect the local environment and how disconnecting this was. We decided to create an A-Z that would reflect the flora, fauna and funga around us.”

Courtesy of Mario de Lopez

As a nod to the importance of abalone, and the fact that is under severe threat as a California species, Wolfe and Mark not only selected it to coincide with letter “A,” but also pledged funds from the stamp-sheet to support NOAA’s rewilding aquaculture initiatives. Sales of the stamp-sheet support these efforts in Cayucos, California. Anyone who’s interested can join the wait list now for a signed copy of the A-Z of California Flora, Fauna and Funga stamp-sheet, or donate directly to abalone conservation through Creek Lands.

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