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“Of Course I Still Luv You” Toothpaste


From Stockholm-based brand Selahatin, the “Of Course I Still Luv You” toothpaste promises an upgrade to regular iterations. With the expected heart of green mint, peppermint and menthol, the formula surprises with …


INDY 501 Socks


Stockholm-based brand SOCKSSS aims to elevate the humble garment by making them artistic, colorful and playful. Produced in Portugal from an organic cotton blend, these INDY 501 socks feature flames in clashing …

Stockholm Surfboard Club

Six-Foot Boardbag


Stockholm Surfboard Club operates at the intersection of streetwear and surf culture. Founded by two Acne Studio alums—Manne Haglund Glad and Anton Edberg—the Swedish brand offers a sleek, minimalist bag, available in …