Omnipollo’s Art-Filled Brewery in Stockholm

The former church now plays host to production, events and more

Omnipollo, one of Sweden’s most influential and widely acclaimed craft brewers, has gone from strong release to strong release since its inception almost a decade ago. We first met co-founder Henok Fentie back in 2012 and, despite growing in size, the label continues to release some of the most creative beers and ales on the market. Today, the company uses eight different breweries—Omnipollo was among the first brewers to adopt a “nomadic” production process—across the world to produce its various beverages, but last month the team took the next step in its evolution by opening its first permanent brewery in Sundbyberg, just north of Stockholm.

Housed in a former church, the space retains much of its original character. Its transformation, however, reflects the creative output of its founders—with neon lights, murals and hanging artworks by co-founder and artist Karl Grandin. “We searched for a suitable location for almost three years,” Fentie tells us. “Karl had an exhibition here in 2019 and the whole Omnipollo team felt this was the place.” Omnipollo has operated a handful of bars up to this date, but this opening stands as its first eponymous brewing facility.

Under the aforementioned artworks, the newly acquired equipment available will allow the team to scale up their production to almost five times current volumes. Additionally, the new space will play host to visiting brewers from all over the world, which is a tantalizing prospect for any beer enthusiast.

The first beers made in this new brewery will roll out during April this year, and the tap room will open to the public some time after that.

Images courtesy of Omnipollo