Hana Vase

From Copenhagen-based Studio Arhoj and named after the Japanese flower, the porcelain Hana Vase collection is composed of hand-cast and -glazed vessels. The collection comprises three styles: the curvaceous and cylindrical Kiku; the round, full-bodied Ume; and the tubular Sakura. Each enchanting shape is available in small or large and in various vibrant colors. Price reflects the size small.

Ghost Candle Holder

Copenhagen’s Studio Arhoj are masters at combining minimal design with cute characters to create homewares you actually want on display. Spooky but sweet, their ghost candle-holders are hand-cast and glazed in transparent porcelain and add warm light to any room. (Note, they aren’t safe for kids because the porcelain gets super-hot if you leave a candle burning inside.) Price is in Euros.

Bamboo Green Stash Jar

This hand-cast and glazed porcelain vessel from Arhoj can be used as a vase, a glass, stash jar, toothbrush holder—whatever works. The bamboo green glaze is one of many variations, so, you could start your own collection and amass all 50 in Arhoj’s Tokyo Series. The jar is dishwasher safe but because of its delicateness, hand-washing is recommended.