Slurp Cups by Studio Arhoj

The Copenhagen studio's experiments in glazing make "dripping" porcelain wares for happy drinking

First started in Tokyo and now based in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Studio Arhoj caught our eye some time ago with their unusual orb-shaped coin bank. Playing with clay and glaze, founder Anders Arhoj balances Japanese and Scandinavian elements with his whimsical pieces that bring a smile to the face. New fresh-out-of-the-kiln pieces dreamed up this fall/winter season take inspiration from colorful 1970s high-fire glazes, vintage still-life oil paintings and magical Scandinavian forests.

One of the new designs, the Slurp Cup, is a larger version of their popular espresso-sized Sip Cup (and a cousin to the Melting Mug). Like its little sibling, each Slurp Cup is made of hand-cast porcelain, is hand-glazed and fired in one of their very, very hot kilns, and finally sanded until smooth to the touch. Anders uses the cup as a medium to experiment with glaze combinations and colors—and no two look the same when they come out of the kiln, especially as the dripping of the glaze can’t be controlled. The speckled textures, melding of colors and a thick sheen comparable to that of a caramel apple are what make the Slurp Cup a delightful way to take your morning cup of coffee.

The studio has moved into a new, larger space down the street—bringing their total of kilns from three to five. It’s still a tightly knit team made up for four full-time members, with Anders’ own family helping out from time to time. Perhaps this is why we’re so drawn to the cups: their handmade touch really sings.

Studio Arhoj’s new Slurp Cup is slowly making its way to stockists around the world now. US-based readers should keep an eye out at Chicago’s Dial M for Modern, Oakland’s Umami Mart and more.

Images courtesy of Studio Arhoj