Stanchion Annual Subscription

Black and white photography, poetry, flash fiction, art and more populate Stanchion, a quarterly zine produced, edited and published by Jeff Bogle. An annual subscription includes all four editions of their gorgeous publication—printed on thick, uncoated A5 paper—as well as an exclusive bonus issue, making for an elegant and evocative gift for literary and artful minds.

Ghostly International’s Sam Valenti on His Herb Sundays Project

The record label founder invites fellow music nerds to reveal their vulnerable side

It’s not altogether surprising that Sam Valenti IV—founder of the independent record label, Ghostly International—spent the pandemic lockdown listening to a lot of music. However, his housebound hobby went beyond professional research or entertainment value. To help ease anxiety at the NYC home he shares with his wife, a doctor, Valenti began “connecting and reconnecting with a lot of music, both current and past, and …

Cookie of the Month Club

Santa Monica-based bakery Broadway Baker offers dozens of sweet treats for delivery or pick-up. And while there are plenty of one-time purchases to choose from, it’s the shop’s Cookie of the Month Club that’s perhaps most rewarding. Each month, subscribers will receive 12 cookies or 16 “‘Lil Bites,” including plenty of off-menu items. There is a wheat-free iteration available, but for all other allergies, you’re …