Swimwear + Alcohol-Free Drinks

Matching beachwear with booze-free beverages for summer

A cocktail by the pool might be a classic combination, but that doesn’t mean alcohol needs to be involved. There’s a plethora of premium booze-free beverages out there—and the list keeps growing. From beer to botanical-filled sodas, spirits crafted with adaptogens and more, drinks without alcohol have never been so adventurous. Here we have matched some of our favorite swimwear with alcohol-free tipples so you …

Midea Debuts The First-Ever U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner

This new design lets you open or close your window with the unit installed

We love when innovation instantly changes product design for a whole category, as Midea has done with their new U-shaped air conditioner. Solving real usability, design, performance and sound issues that most every window air conditioning owner faces, the new U-shaped air conditioner separates the compressor from the fan relocating the air ducts to a thin channel across the unit’s bottom. This new design permits your window to open …

Poolside feat. Panama: Can’t Stop Your Lovin’

LA-based duo Poolside (aka Jeffrey Paradise and Filip Nikolic) provide a lush, daytime disco instrumental for Australian vocalist Panama’s breathy vocals to float atop. The three meld together and create a cohesive sound that breezily bops along for four minutes. To build out your Poolside playlist, refer to the Summertime Playlist the duo made for us last year.