Despite Postponement, Summit Continues to Service its Fellows

Discussing how the organization is supporting its Fellows from a distance

In the midst of isolation, Summit continues striving to create and maintain community. This week would have brought together 1,700 members—including the current, second class of Summit Fellows—for Summit at Sea, a three-day event that blends workshops, talks and experiences. While dismayed that the event was postponed, the change of plans hasn’t slowed Peter Nyeko, a Uganda-based Summit Fellow and CEO of Mandulis Energy, a …

Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Michael Lim

Working to update the ways cities' roadways function

Presented in partnership with Mercedes-Benz EQ

Co-founder of LA-based Xtelligent, Michael Lim is working to connect tomorrow’s smart cars with existing city infrastructure—streetlights, pre-existing transportation options, and more. With some 99% of US roadway intersections still functioning with ’70s-era regulation, Lim is hoping to help cities develop strategies for current-day and future mobility using tech-forward, updated approaches. As one of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows at Summit LA, Lim represents a broader role …

Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Jordan Davis

Integrating new travel and transport technologies to benefit communities

Presented in partnership with Mercedes-Benz EQ

As director of Smart Columbus, Jordan Davis oversees the integration of technology into the city’s transportation, thanks to the City of Columbus and Columbus Region’s smart city initiative. The company won the US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) first-ever Smart City Challenge, which aims to reimagine transport operating systems, shift travel patterns and more—all for the benefit of the community. As a Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellow at Summit LA, …