Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Rahul Gayam

Creating electric vehicles that are affordable, safer and kinder to the environment

Presented in partnership with Mercedes-Benz EQ

Rahul Gayam—CTO of Hyderabad-based Gayam Motor Works—strives to reduce air pollution in some of the world’s most plagued nations by creating smart, electric vehicles. From motorcycles to three-wheelers and cars, Gayam Motor Works’ produces safe and environmentally responsible vehicles that are also more affordable.

The company supplied three-wheel vehicles to Hyderabad’s IKEA and has been growing since—garnering the attention of other companies and everyday commuters. Tech-forward and, more importantly, environmentally and socially conscious, the company’s aim is to change the way we get around once and for all. Gayam himself was selected as one of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows at Summit LA for these forward-thinking actions.