Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Emily Brooke

Beryl's founder and CEO aims to remove blindspots for cyclists

Presented in partnership with Mercedes-Benz EQ

With Beryl, founder and CEO Emily Brooke intends to light up the world for cyclists—making it safer along the way. In 2012, Brooke invented Laserlight, a bike accessory that laser projects an image ahead so that drivers can see who is cycling nearby. Laserlight (along with Beryl’s other products) are chipping away at problems with blindspots. And Brooke’s products have been so successful that they even accompany London’s public bike system, Santander Cycles.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellow at Summit LA, Brooke and her company are working to expand their range of products, with the ultimate goal of refining urban mobility—and the certified B Corporation is clearly on the right path.

Image courtesy of Beryl