Silly Sushi Nigiri

This plush, smiley sushi toy measures four by seven inches and has passed all ASTM (aka American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements, so is safe for kids aged 12 months and older. With its prawn topping, fluffy white rice body and corduroy feet, this friendly little creature can be paired with a California of Maki roll.

Shoeshi Book

Onigiri artist Yujia Hu makes wildly detailed sneaker-shaped sushi from iconic designs like Air Jordans, Chuck Taylors, Stan Smiths and more. First creating the little treasures in his family’s restaurant Sakana Sushi in Milan, Hu is now sharing all his tricks and tips to make sneaker sushi at home. These recipes and techniques are outlined in Shoeshi, the artist’s debut book. Price is in British …

Tokyo High Low

We put Amex Platinum to the test in the sky and on the ground in the future's city

Sponsored by Amex Platinum

When my plans to get from Beijing to Tokyo required a last-minute change, American Express Platinum Travel was able to confirm a seat on a new flight just hours before departure, even though they didn’t handle my original booking. And when I checked-in at the Mandarin Oriental I was reminded of the benefits of booking a Fine Hotels and Resorts property: last night free, $100 …