Champion’s Esports-Oriented “Gamer Collection”

This tech-forward range was based on the brand's first sweatshirt design patent since 1952

Ever-growing and certainly accelerated by the absence of live sports, the esports category positions gamers as athletes and builds entire leagues around the various video games they play. From first-person, team strategy and shooter games to sport simulations, matches are televised, streamed on platforms like Twitch and YouTube and attended (when in-person attendance was permitted) by thousands. Unsurprisingly, there is a large industry of products …

Dish and DU/ER’s Technologically-Minded “No Sweat” Pants

Understanding the brand's Nature2X fabric

Sponsored by DU/ER

After wearing our DU/ER‘s slim fit “No Sweat” pants for several weeks now, and experiencing just how comfortable and functional they are, we wanted to explore their proprietary fabric even further. The pants not only look great but also have ample stretch for more movability, softness for comfort, and—as the name suggests—plenty of breathability. This makes for a dynamic bottom that performs well if you’re …

Fashion Meets Function with ADAY’s Activewear

Elegant staples that perform from office to gym to dinner, thanks to technologically advanced fabrics

We’ve seen the rise of independent brands like Outdoor Voices blurring the line between gym attire and streetwear, and fellow newcomer ADAY sets the bar high for apparel that can perform, but also, not look like gym attire. In fact, a quick scroll through their webshop shows 11 pieces that don’t scream activewear, but could collectively be mistaken for a minimalist, contemporary fashion brand. Short …